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The other day I received the notice from the Culver International Film Festival in L.A. that my ‘condensed’ TV/Web series Thug for President had been selected for their festival. Naturally, I’m excited! I’ve submitted the show into several festivals both here in the States and abroad.

I reflected on this past February when I got a call from the Golden State Film Festival that they were screening another one of my films [Love Ain't This 1]. I was driving down the street when my phone rang with an unfamiliar area code. Thinking it was SPAM, I ignored the call and continued driving. After several rings I looked at the phone with an annoyed attitude and was about to silence the call when something hit me kind of odd. So, I answered it, and it was one of the directors from the festival giving me the good news. This kind’a taught me a bit of a lesson about being too comfortable thinking that every long-distance area code is SPAM!

Anyway, I flew out to L.A. and experienced the festival. It was my first! I had a nice time, took a few notes, and imagined what it would be like to receive an award. Basically, I’m after success in getting the world to know of and experience my work. I’m not an award driven person. But would be nice to receive an award one day! Especially for the actors and crew as well!

So, last night I emailed the festival to get an update on the circumstances of my film being selected and I await a reply.

By the way, TFP is a political drama series about a group of corrupt politicians and a savvy drug cartel, both, making a run for The Whitehouse.

Wish me blessings and luck that in at least one of the festivals I’ve submitted in, that TFP will be a home-run hit! Because just around the corner I’ll be presenting my new movie House of April 1st! This story is a cool on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller about a house that takes a group of people hostage and wreaks havoc on them!

I'd love to hear back from you! Leave a comment below! And please feel free to share this blog with your friends. Perhaps they may like to become one of our favorite Bingers on this site! It's ONLY $2.99 a month and you can cancel at any time. Lots of my best work is housed here; including the award winning critically acclaimed romantic comedy play, DIVORCE N' US! Watch everything 24/7. And don’t forget to visit


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Awesome - glad to support!

Feb 19
Replying to

Thanks Dave...


Congratulations 👏🎉 this is an amazing accomplishment! Keep up the great work!!


Headed to the top!!!


Looking forward to watching your next film. I’m sure it will be great just like TFP.

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