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Thanks again for visiting Bbingn!

We invite you to enjoy our library of content that includes film, stage plays, documentaries, literary, music videos and more.

If you are just learning about our Creative Director, Florida's Own, Barry S. McLeod, it's ok! As you watch the productions on this site and consider that this one person wrote, directed and produced it all must be amazed to some degree.

Barry has a lifetime of dedication to The Arts. He's also a musician, songwriter, composer, editor, and an artist! Well, it's no wonder why this collection of content is full of creative variety. Not only is Barry truly "the right kind of different" but versatility is the name of his game.


In his words...

I know who I am, and what my natural talents and gifts are! I've demonstrated my value and I understand them. I believe in my dreams and I'm constantly writing, directing and producing more art for the world!!

As a child, I started out with art and music! Eventually, I learned how to combine the two. This morphed into dramatic and visual arts where I'd write my "imaginary world" from a very self-contained creative space. (In the beginning, I didn't even have a clue of a concept! THE CREATOR just started walking me in the right direction.

The late Professor James Haskins critiqued my first screenplay and told me I had the potential to be a screenwriter. Somewhat of a mentor to me, I learned from him, and took off like a rocket in search of a destination. This turned into over '20' screenplays, over '18' stage plays, and '4' self-published books, while directing, casting, producing, acting and touring some of my work. What a thrill!!

On April 1st 2024, I will be releasing my new thriller movie titled "HOUSE OF APRIL 1st"!  It promises thrill-lovers a complete 'on the edge of your seat' fun time with lots of 'screams'! 

I also have an exciting political drama series called THUG FOR PRESIDENT! You're going to love it! In fact, it was selected in the Culver City Film Festival 2024, the Golden State Film Festival 2024 and the California International Film Festival 2024.

In  2023, two of my short films (THE DUVAL'S & LOVE AIN'T THIS 1) were recognized in the Indie Film Festival (semi-finalist) and The Golden State Film Festival. (TGFF screened LOVE AIN'T THIS 1.)

Atlas Entertainment and Wishmaker Films are just two companies that considered some of my work, and I've also placed quarter finalist in several screenplay competitions. I'm formerly represented by a WGA Agent.

I continue to work with community organizations and churches to raise funds for student scholarships, various community outreach, to include feeding the homeless and more.

I'm still writing, directing and producing films, sitcoms, web series and more; to include music and video productions, and I do most of the editing for my work.

I don't sit around and wait for the phone to ring anymore. I'm proactive in producing! When the time is right, more success will happen ...right on time!

Holler at me for more information or to discuss a project...


**Thank you for becoming one of our many Bingers. Enjoy, and let us know if what you think. You can also learn more about Barry at

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